Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The View from my Artist Studio - Video

The View from my Artist Studio - South Lighthouse, Fair Isle.
 Yesterday I made this video... spend a few minutes just enjoying the view.


My artist studio is in one of the buildings at the South Lighthouse on Fair Isle. The view is so amazing sometimes I just stare out the salt covered window or sit outside and enjoy the view and get nothing done. Yesterday the Atlantic Ocean was still crashing into Fair Isle from the Gale force 9 storm the night before... taking this video and being outside in the wind was a bit like sticking your head out the car window at 60 miles an hour. The sunlight breaking between the clouds made such beautiful light on the sea I had to get out of the studio and have a look even in the wild weather conditions. It wasn't the biggest or the most destructive storm... it was just yesterday and I thought it was beautiful, like today and every day is here too.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Bonfire Night - Guy Fawkes - Most Remote Community Celebration in the UK. 2015

Bonfire Night on Fair Isle on Fair Isle is much like it is elsewhere I guess?

 We have Fireworks and we burn stuff!

We do have a great setting for the event, on the beach by a picturesque lighthouse.

Not too shabby!

This year it was a bit misty with low cloud... makes for a nice photo though.





Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Fair Isle Adventure - Fishing with Kenny

Holy Mackerel! that is a big one!

Kenny Stout - Captain and tour guide,
takes Henry and I out for and afternoon of fishing and fun.

get the rods in the water!

 Cod - that is nice eating! 

5 Mackerel at a time on a light line and rod... what fun!

A good catch! we will eat well tonight!

Fair Isle's Sheep Rock. 
 you can see the caves we went through in the boat... always outrageous!


it's like fishing with a young Lou Reed?

Kenny having fun navigating through the narrowest rock passages.

Holy Mackerel & Oh My Cod!
Kenny's is making his Cod is eat Henry's Mackerel... ha ha!

Looking for birds and beach-combing on the the South Harbour Beach.

Male - Blackcap

Auld Haa House

God Natt - we will keep the light on for you...

Henry & Tommy

Tommy H. Hyndman
Thank You for following my Fair Isle Blog.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Colour of Home

The ever changing colour of clouds during sunset.
 Viewed from up top Malcolm's Head.

through the doorway...

I would rather fly....

But the plane isn't going....

Calm Sea...

All is quite in the South Harbour...

Home for a few days....

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Basking Shark & the Lord Nelson

Basking Shark - Fair Isle 

Basking Shark! 
 Wow! I've have wanted to see one since before I moved here 9 years ago...  
It's a self found lifer and wildlife tick.

In autumn 2006, two months before moving to Fair Isle, We saw a posting of a Basking Shark sighting on Fair Isle. I said to 5 year old Henry, "We are going to see Basking Sharks!" 9 years later... We finally saw one today! So it took a while... but, I had great views today! Awesome! 

and I had my camera!

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

North Lighthouse - Fair Isle - Shetland

Kirk Stack - The Gannet Colony

The north cliffs below the South Lighthouse.
Sight of the Basking Shark sighting today.

The Lord Nelson just outside the North Haven - Fair Isle.
The tall-ship the Lord Nelson sails with mixed physical ability crew. 50% may be disabled, 100% are actively involved. A very special ship indeed.

The Fair Isle young folk go out onto the tallship The Lord Nelson in a zodiac.

The tallship the Lord Nelson moored of Fair Isle.

The young Fair Isle folk getting a tour of the Lord Nelson.

The Lord Nelson off of Fair Isle.

My son Henry climbing into the Zodiac. 

The young Fair Isle folk had a great time aboard the Lord Nelson. 

Thank you to the crew of the Lord Nelson.

getting ready to set sail... cheers!